Guide to buying a Prescription Mask

Step One; Choose Your Mask

Browse our range of Prescription Masks for one you like, choose your desired option / colour where appropriate and add it to your basket so that it is ready and waiting.

Further down the page in the description you will find links to the available lens corrections. Click on the link that matches your correction needs (minus, plus or bifocal) to be taken through to choosing your prescription lenses and move on to Step Two.


Step Two; Choose your lens correction

If you are unsure about your prescription please read our Guide to Prescriptions.

Lens corrections are based on your spherical reading and can be found on the glasses prescription obtained from your optician. Typically it will look something like this:













We are only interested in the spherical reading (sph) which in this case is +1.50 in the right eye and +1.00 in the left eye. Unfortunately lens correction are typically only available in increments of 0.5 so you will need to opt for the closest lens correction. Please don't hesitate to ask us if you are unsure about the best correction to choose.

Here you will need to add TWO lenses to your basket (unless you only need a correction for one eye of course). Prices shown are per lens so with lenses starting at around £26 your of two corrective lenses will start from £52 in total. Make sure you add both lenses by checking this step by step guide:

  • Choose Left from the 'side' dropdown menu
  • Select your left eye correction
  • Click 'Add To Cart' to save you selection in the basket
  • Choose Right from the 'side' dropdown menu
  • Select your right eye correction
  • Click 'Add To Cart' to save you selection in the basket

Your mask and lenses are now safely stored in your basket and you can move on to Step 3.

If you have a cylinder or axis correction above 2.00 then you may find that off the shelf corrective lenses produced by mask manufacturers will not provide a suitable solution as these lenses can not correct for astigmatism. If this is likely to be a problem you may need to look at Bespoke Prescription Mask Lenses which are custom made to your exact prescription and can be designed to fit nearly any twin lens mask of your choice.


Step Three; Checkout!

Once you have finished adding everything you want to order to your basket you can continue on to the checkout and start the completion process.

Here you can add any useful instruction that we need to follow that will help us fulfil your order as quickly as possible like which corrections go with which mask if you are ordering two of the same mask but in different colours.


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