How to try a mask and see if it fits

As you can imagine it's not possible to try out a mask in water to see whether it is a good fit or not so there is a simple way to test the mask for a good fit without getting wet. Just follow these steps:

  1. Loop the mask strap over the front of the mask so that it is out of the way and hold the mask gently against your face, making sure your hair is not under the skirt.
  2. Gently inhale through your nose. If the mask stays in place with no air leaking in and then it should be a good fit for you.
  3. Check that the mask skirt seats evenly against your skin along the entire edge. Moustaches and beards can make finding a good seal a little more difficult, but still possible.
  4. Loop the strap back over, adjust the strap for a comfortable fit and put the mask on to see how the mask feels on your face.
  5. Try pinching your nose to make sure you can equalise your ears without affecting the fit or seal.

It is important to try lots of masks to get a feel for different mask styles and sizes and to narrow down which masks offer the best fit and comfort for you. Remember, don't sacrifice fit and comfort for price.


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