Colour Screens - Are they worth it?

Colour Screens are here to colorize the underwater world just like they revolutionized the mobile phone world! But they are still an emerging technology so have the anticipated attached price tag.
So, are they worth it?

Colour Screens have started to appear on flagship models emerging from companies like Suunto (Eon Steel / Eon Core), Scubapro G2, Aqualung i750 TC and the Ratio IX3M Range.
These screen offer enhanced visibility underwater due to the fact that they can create more contrasting displays by using more colours, which is great for those murky UK dives or during night dives. The high colour contrast also makes them very easy to read on the surface in bright sunlight!

The only real downside to the colour screens is the cost attached, although another way to look at it is that you'll generally only see colour screens on the premium models - so you'll often be getting a whole hand full of other premium features too! 

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