Guide to Transmitters

More and more computers are starting to come with optional transmitter capability as computer technology progresses, offering divers the convenience of being able to see all your dive information on one single watch screen.


Are Transmitters reliable?

Early models did have some issues with connectivity and pairing but technology and programming have been improved to boost the transmission distance (water doesn't transmitter radio waves very well), reliability and transmitters are generally paired to a computer using their unique serial numbers to prevent cross communication between units.


Can Transmitters fit on any regulator?

Generally speaking, yes they can! As the transmitter fits into the high pressure port on the first stage (Which all regulators have) you can fit one to any regulator set - However some first stages will only have one high pressure port so at that stage you would be choosing between the gauge and transmitter - see our blog post on this for more information!


Are Transmitters available for all computers?

At the moment they are not. Not all computers have the capability to receive transmitter information built in to them.
On top of that one brand will not work with another brand, so if you buy a Suunto Computer you will need a Suunto Transmitter.

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