Dry Glove Systems

Dry Glove systems have been around for a little while now but its only in the last year or so that they have become A) Easy to use and B) Able to be retrofitted to most suits.

Will Dry Gloves fit on my suit?

To answer this question it is best to examine the information below but here is a short breakdown;

  • Both Systems can be fitted without suit modification to existing Latex or Silicone seals.
  • Neither system can be fitted to Neoprene seals with suit modification (Cutting and gluing)


The Ultima System

New from Waterproof this system is designed to be really simple and straight-forward, You can also fit this on to pretty much any suit that has existing Latex or Silicone seals on without having to cut or glue your suit - Clever!
Unfortunately if you have Neoprene Seals you'll struggle to get the Ultima on your suit without getting the seals changed to Latex or Silicone.

Regardless of what suit you have the first thing you'll need to do is mount the glove to the glove-side ring system;

If you are lucky enough to own a Waterproof Suit with the ISS feature then half the work is done, all you'll need to do it mount the gloves and follow the below instructions;

If your suit just has the standard latex seals attached to it you can still get the Ultima system installed and with a backup silicone wrist seal incase of a punctured glove the entire suit will not flood, You'll just have a cold hand instead! See below video on how to accomplish this;


The Kubi System

The Kubi Dry Glove System is a marvellous invention which again is very easy to use and can be fitted to pretty much any suit with Latex or Silicone Seals, see video below for a how-to;

Unfortunately for Neoprene Seal owners you would need to get the seals changed or the Kubi Rings glued into your suit for this to work.

The Kubi System does come in three different ring sizes (80mm, 90mm and 100mm) - to find out which size you'll need please check the size guide

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