Made to Measure Drysuits

A Made to Measure suit is one that has been custom made to fit your exact measurements, it will ensure that you get the best fit possible however this does come at a price of course and usually a 10-12 week lead time although this does vary between suppliers and seasons.

For most people off the peg sizes are a great fit so to this end only a couple of our supplier offer the Made to Measure service.

Typhoon offer one of the cheapest Made to Measure services available, they can custom make most of their suits and usually it is just an additional £250 but prices do vary so please contact us for the latest prices and information - See their Made to Measure form here.

Bare also offer a Made to Measure service for their suits. See their Made to Measure form here

Fourth Element offer the most advanced fitting options using their Bio-Map software, this will determine if you need a Made to Measure suit or if off the peg will work for you - to arrange this please contact us and we will find a time that works for you.

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