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The "Who, What and Where" of Mikes Dive Store

15 articles
Returns and Refunds

Every detail about sending something back!

9 articles
Plankton Points

In's and out's of that little bit extra. Giving you something back for coming back!

7 articles

What we can do for you!

9 articles

Helping you to find the right fit!

4 articles

Diving wet, what suit for what weather.

2 articles
Choosing your Kit

Information on a variety of kit specifics and how to choose what is right for your diving needs.

1 article

For divers that do not like getting wet! Delving into drysuit diving.

6 articles

All you need to know about taking our Air diving!

3 articles
Privacy and Security

Keeping you and your data safe!

4 articles

We service the vast majority of diving equipment makes and models.

2 articles
Ear Protection

Ears and diving, things we can do to stay in the water!

2 articles


How To Buy A Christmas Present For A Diver If You Don’t Dive Yourself

You probably can’t stand the idea of diving, it sounds claustrophobic and terrifying. Why in the world would you want to descend into a hostile environment (possibly full of sharks) and get the bends for fun? But, you’ve got that weird friend/family

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