Do you service Dive Equipment?

We service all major brands of regulators, BCDs and dive computers in store to BS4001 standards. You can bring your equipment to us in-store or you can even post it in to us included a cover note and contact details.

Regulators and BCDs have a lead time of 10-14 days as a rough guide, this is subject to change based on how busy the service center is and on the availability of parts for your equipment. If you are in a rush we can usually move things to the front of the queue but realistically it would still be between 3-5 days. If you get really stuck we can also usually loan you one of our regulators or dive computers whilst yours is being serviced as we don't want you to get stressed before that all important holiday!!

Most Dive Computers are serviced by our in-house technician and pressure tested as standard. We are one of the largest Suunto Dive Computer service centres in the country. There may be some computers which are required to go back to the supplier for battery change.

We also service Cylinders and Drysuits of all types, these typically run on a Thursday to Thursday service.

In some rare cases we may be unable to get your equipment serviced, if this is the case we will contact you to explain the situation and present the options you have.
The main cause of this is when service parts become unavailable from the supplier either temporarily or permanently.

Click here for more info and guide prices for dive equipment servicing  

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