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Dive Computers

Your personal GPS for tracking nitrogen loading and much much more!

Console vs Wrist-Mounted Dive Computers

Dive Computers tend to come in two different forms, you can get the ones which attach to your wrist like a watch and the ones which attach to (Or replace!) your pressure gauge. Wrist Mounted computers have the advantage of being on your wrist (of cou

Dive Computer Batteries

One thing to consider when buying a dive computer is the type of battery that it uses, there are two main types; Replaceable and Rechargeable. Replaceable batteries are the most common and have been used in dive computers since their introduction to

Nitrox Computers

A nitrox computer refers to a computer that has the capability to calculate decompression limits based on gas blends with an O2 percentage greater than 21%, ie Enriched Air! Pretty much every modern entry level computer has nitrox features built in t

Consider the after sales service!

As with buy most things it is important to consider the after care that a company provides for their products, albeit in the hope that you'll never need to use it! Sticking with the major brands is a great way to ensure that you'll be well looked aft

Colour Screens - Are they worth it?

Colour Screens are here to colorize the underwater world just like they revolutionized the mobile phone world! But they are still an emerging technology so have the anticipated attached price tag.So, are they worth it? Colour Screens have started to

A Compass in my computer?

Thats right it is possible to get computers with built in digital compasses! These serve as another great way to reduce the amount of kit you're carrying around and although in the early days may have been a bit temperamental the more recent ones see

Guide to Transmitters

More and more computers are starting to come with optional transmitter capability as computer technology progresses, offering divers the convenience of being able to see all your dive information on one single watch screen.   Are Transmitters reliabl