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Privacy and Security

Keeping you and your data safe!

Is my information safe with you?

The short answer is yes! We are PCI DSS Compliant, adhere to the HTTPS Protocol and have a strict Privacy Policy. To read more on these please view our full Privacy Policy and Payment Security pages.

What is a Pre-Authorisation on a credit card?

When an order is placed with us through our Online Store, an immediate credit card pre-authorisation occurs. Let's start by clarifying exactly what a pre-authorisation (commonly referred to as a "pre-auth") is. A credit card pre-authorisation is much

Are you PCI DSS Compliant?

We certainly are! We are fully certified Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant and include a 128 bit SSL certificate with Sagepay, the leading online provider of e-commerce transactions and security within the UK. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

Is your site HTTPS?

We are part of the HTTPS Everywhere movement and thus have moved our entire site on the HTTPS protocol which used only to be used for the payment section of e-commerce websites but now Google is pushing for any and all e-commerce sites to have this e