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Buoyancy Control

Kit that makes you float!

BCD vs Wing

What are the differences between a BCD and a Wing? And why would you prefer one over the other? Most importantly, Which one is right for me!? If you wondering about any of the above we hope to resolves this queries with the below information.   The B

Guide to assembling your Wing

One of the main advantages of most wing systems is that fact that they are modular which allows them to be adapted and modified to meet specific diving requirements.The only downside to this is that they often require some degree of assembly which ca

Guide to female fit BCDs

It is quite common to see women diving with a generic unisex BCD which are basically designed around a male body shape and you have to wonder why? In the past the choice of ladies specific BCDs was admittedly limited and quite often you had to like t

How to thread a Tank Strap (Cam Buckle)

The below video shows how to thread a Tank Strap or Cam Buckle correctly so that it holds your cylinder securely.

Lift Capacity Guide

The below guide is intended as exactly that, a guide! There is a lot to be said for lift capacities but the most crucial thing to remember is to correctly weight yourself in the water. The lift capacity refers to the amount of weight a fully inflated