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All you need to know about taking our Air diving!


Choosing the correct cylinder for you

Getting the right tank for you can be a daunting choice when you look at the amount available on the market but it is actually quite simple! All you'll need to do is choose what material is best for you and then the size you require - Both of which w

Buying a Cylinder online

If you're not sure about what cylinder to buy take a look at our guide to choosing the correct cylinder. If you know what cylinder you want and are thinking about buying online then this is the place for you as we'll answer some frequently asked ques

How a Scuba Tank is made

Getting your cylinder filled

Whether you use your cylinder for Diving or Airgun purposes you will need to get it refilled after it has been used. You can get your cylinder filled from any reputable dive operation, the one requirement is that your cylinder is within the legal tes