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Buying a Cylinder onlineUpdated 2 years ago

If you're not sure about what cylinder to buy take a look at our guide to choosing the correct cylinder.

If you know what cylinder you want and are thinking about buying online then this is the place for you as we'll answer some frequently asked questions about buying a cylinder online.

Will my Cylinder arrive full?

Unfortunately, it will not - due to the governing law on the transportation of compressed gas cylinders are not permitted to be carried by courier whilst containing pressure.
They do arrive ready to be filled at your local dive shop/destination however!


Should I get some mesh and a handle?

We would definitely recommend adding some protective tank mesh to your order as it is a great way to prevent your brand new cylinder from getting any unwanted scratches!
A handle is also a great idea as it makes it much easier to carry your cylinder around and prevents any potential damage to the valve handle from improper carrying.


I've bought a twin set, will it arrive assembled?

Unfortunately it will not, this is again due to restrictions in place regarding the total weight of packages that couriers are permitted to carry, your order will likely arrive in two boxes - one for each cylinder!


I will be driving with my cylinder, do I need anything else?

Yes you do, you should have a sign clearly displayed on your vehicle which states that you are carrying compressed gas and which class of gas it is. Nitrox and Air are both class 2 so the sign is the same for vehicle purposes.

We would also advise thinking about how your cylinder will move about in your vehicle, as it is a highly pressurised container it should be kept secure at all times - not left to roll about in the boot! If you're not sure how to do this then laying the cylinder against one side of the boot and wedging a couple of lead shot bags against it on the other side is a good option!


Which sticker will I get with my cylinder?

We are able to supply standard air stickers or nitrox stickers on most brand-new cylinders, please write in the comments box when you place your order which sticker you require.

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