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Dive and Snorkel Masks

Let's SEE underwater! Masks for each activity.

How to Pre-Treat a Dive Mask

Have you ever seen a mask fog-up underwater? Or wondered why your brand new mask fogs up immediately?It is caused by the manufacturing residue left behind on the glass by the moulding process, this residue is Hydrophilic and allows water to stick to

Guide to buying a Prescription Mask

Step One; Choose Your MaskBrowse our range of Prescription Masks for one you like, choose your desired option / colour where appropriate and add it to your basket so that it is ready and waiting.Further down the page in the description you will find

How to choose the best mask

Choosing a mask is a very personal thing and what works for one person may not work for another. The one key thing to keep in mind when choosing a mask is that fit and comfort are more important than anything else. It may be the all singing all danci

Guide to Prescriptions

I have a prescription, can I get a Prescription Mask? We hear this question a lot here at Mike's Dive Store and the short answer is in most cases yes you can!But, there are a couple of options and its important to understand that your individual pres

How to try a mask and see if it fits

As you can imagine it's not possible to try out a mask in water to see whether it is a good fit or not so there is a simple way to test the mask for a good fit without getting wet. Just follow these steps: Loop the mask strap over the front of the m

5 Ways to stop your mask leaking

Ever find yourself asking the question "Why does my mask leak?" If nothing else, a leaking mask during a dive or whilst snorkelling is just annoying. Constantly having to stop and clear the water that has seeped can quickly become tiresome. A leaky m