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For divers that do not like getting wet! Delving into drysuit diving.

Made to Measure Drysuits - The Argonaut

A Made to Measure suit is one that has been custom made to fit your exact measurements, it will ensure that you get the best fit possible however this does come at a price of course and usually a 10-12 week lead time although this does vary between s

Undersuit temperature guide

Remember that these are only guides as there are so many variables involved but if you would like to get some further advice and help buying an undersuit please contact us! These suggestions are based more for membrane or trilaminate drysuits, you ca

What to consider when buying a Drysuit

The first thing to consider is whether you want a Membrane (Trilaminate) Suit or a Neoprene Suit - you can find out more about the difference between the two in our guide here. Once you've brushed up on your knowledge of the different types of suits

Membrane Drysuit vs Neoprene Drysuit

Divers looking to keep warm in colder water or during long dives have more choice than ever before but the choice is a very personal thing. Some divers will swear by a neoprene suit from one manufacturer whereas another will only dive in a membrane f

Dry Glove Systems

Dry Glove systems have been around for a little while now but its only in the last year or so that they have become A) Easy to use and B) Able to be retrofitted to most suits. Will Dry Gloves fit on my suit? To answer this question it is best to exam

How to choose an Undersuit

How to choose an undersuit for drysuit diving? Picking the best choice of undersuit or combination of layers and thicknesses for the water temperature you will be diving in will make a massive difference to your enjoyment of the dive. Unfortunately,